I want to be 235lbs of high school “skinny”!


That’s what I weighed when I graduated from high school. Its hard to believe I would come to a day when that was my goal weight, but here we are.

As you can see from my weigh-ins, I’ve been pretty much stuck at around 250ish lbs since  week 9. At week 18 (my 3rd week in a row at 249lbs) I decided to take a week off all dieting. I was getting bored with the diet and starting to push the edges of acceptable deviations well beyond any chance of success.

During that week, I gained 14lbs. That’s right, I went from 249lbs to 263lbs in a single week. I don’t believe I “went crazy” as far as eating goes, but I was off the diet certainly. It would be difficult to argue with anyone that said I did go crazy just based on the results themselves.

Just before I took the week off, I stated I was going to move to a monthly weigh-in. Based on that statement, my next weigh-in is in three days. I’ve already gotten on the scale and I believe I will come in close to 250lbs. I’m not convinced that taking the time off made me better equipped to take on the next phase of weight loss, but being back in the 260’s was a scary place to be.

I never want to go back to 300lbs. I never want to live at 285lbs again. But simply not wanting to gain the weight back, isn’t motivation enough. I need a destination, a goal, something that excites me to keep doing what I don’t want to do in order to get what I don’t have.

I want to skydive. I want to fit in jeans with a 38in waist. I want to weigh what I did when I graduated high school. Is that motivation enough? I don’t know, but I believe in the next two months, we will see.

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