I’ll have the salad with a side dish of spinach

I want my posts to be better than boring posts about my running, eating, and failures. I’m just not sure how to do that yet. One thought I had about this was to treat it like how radio morning shows have to be entertaining and deliver information at the same time. The morning show I listen to has regular segments where they play games with contestants over the phone. Here are a few ideas I have for regular “segments”:

  • A week in review – this is where I would talk about the week in a single post

Yeah… so that sounds more boring than this already shoot me in the face post and it was my only idea. I’m starting to question the point of this blog!

The reason I started this blog was to chronicle my weight loss journey. The reason I want it to be entertaining is because I like attention. Nobody is going to pay me any attention if I’m boring. So if you go back to the beginning, I have several very entertaining blog posts. But nothing worth your time lately.

This week – I got a salad for dinner with a side dish of spinach.

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