I’m an addict, surrounded by the object of my addiction.

No other addiction is like food addiction. I know, I sound like a broken record on this point. Maybe I’m wrong – tell me, do alcoholics say “Monday I’m going sober – so lets drink up all the booze in the house this weekend!”

Dang it – I think they probably do… Yesterday was what I was calling day one. I reset MyFitnessPal so that I no longer see a weight loss since its been years since I weighed 308lbs like I did when I started MFP. I went on my first run with my new shoes – it was a one mile run, but it was my first run.

I skipped breakfast; ate soup and stir fry veggies for lunch; and a salad for dinner. When I wanted a snake later that night, I ate sweet pickles (a ‘light’ cheat because there is sugar added). But then later when I wasn’t hungry at all and it was well after 10pm – I had bananas and oatmeal. That’s not terrible (I told myself) but…

When I heated up the dish – I had to remove some homemade cookies that were stored in the microwave the night before. I didn’t take one but I did use the last two spoonfuls of honey on my oatmeal.

Then I went back for a second bowl (two whole bananas and a half a cup of raw oatmeal) and I scooped up a large spoonful of butter off the butter dish sitting out on the counter and added it to the oatmeal. There was too much butter for my serving but not enough to leave alone… so after I finished my second bowl – I grabbed a part of a broken cookie, swiped up the last of the butter and ate it.

I’m an addict, surrounded by the object of my addiction. I think every day of this journey will be day one…

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