I’m Guilty


Its 8am, I’ve overslept, I climb out of bed, get dressed, play Mafia on Facebook, tell my son good morning, tell Twitter I’m late for work, get in the car and head to the office.  Attend meetings all day – make a few decisions, offer some suggestions, give some direction – call Stephanie to tell her I’m working a bit late, get home, eat dinner, watch TV with the family, put the kids to bed, play Mafia on Facebook, read personal email, read my @replies on Twitter, realize its 1am, goto bed.  GUILTY!

Repeat Tuesday.  GUILTY!

Repeat Wednesday.  GUILTY!

Repeat Thursday.  GUILTY!

Repeat Friday.  GUILTY!

Did I blink?  This week went by so fast, its hard for me to believe its already Saturday again.  I’m guilty.  Guilty of living on autopilot.  I did workout on Wednesday, and I did go for a couple of walks with the family at night after work, and I did have a few good food choices throughout the week – but I did it all on autopilot.

Have you ever been driving somewhere but as you pull in to your destination, you realize you don’t remember the drive?  It happens a lot to people driving to work or home.  When I was 16, I had a couple of speeding tickets and had to attend a driving class where I learned this phenomenon is often called white-line fever.   The week, I lead my life in that same fashion – autopilot.

There is a huge imbalance here.  I play Mafia twice a day but I haven’t read my Bible in a week.  Last week, a family member from out of state wrote on my wall in Facebook to suggest that I was spending more time playing Mafia than I was spending on my weight loss.  I will admit, it frustrated me.  I’ve put more time into this blog, into workouts, into educating myself this time than ever before.  

But I did spend more time in Mafia this week than I spent in prayer.  I don’t mean to point out a silly facebook game – its not the problem.  I am out of balance.  I am GUILTY!  I don’t talk much on here about religious matters – its not the purpose of the blog – but I do feel having balance in your life is critical to successful weight loss.  I believe in a higher power that is involved in our daily lives and deserves our attention if not our complete devotion. 

Sin can be a subjective term – today I use it to describe my week on autopilot.  I’m guilty, but not condemned.  This is the last day of the week, tomorrow is a new week, a new start, a chance for redemption.

3 thoughts on “I’m Guilty

  1. Wow, I almost could have written this post. It seems like every weekend I make big plans for the coming week, and each week, my autopilot, as you so aptly called it, kicks on. Great post…really made me think 🙂

  2. ah, put things in a good perspecetive to look at… less mafia more bible…do you like “seek and finds”? if so I got one for you… a little background first: I’ve been doing family genealogy and found a few random trees and other peoples research online. I call this speculative genealogy since its not been confirmed by primary sources by me… anyway… on one site someone has one of my ancestor’s genealogy all the way back to the old testament… to a guy named Mahol… if you like seek and finds and and perhaps if you are inquisitive enough like me you will be thinking right now… “I gotta go look up this OT guy Donella is related to!”… and if you already know Mahol and his story then… you’ve earned time on Mafia…

  3. Hey man,

    This blog is here to help you. If you are off, okay W A Y off than blog that too.

    Come on back man.

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