I’m still here!

I’ve been sick for several days – so have the kids!  Zander was actually the first to show signs of being sick, then me, then Lexi.  What does that mean for the “A Month to LIVE” challenge?  Well, I’ve been getting my sleep!  Since the 1st, I’ve been in bed between 10 and 11 every night and haven’t gotten up again until almost 8!  Last night I was up at 1:30am however to run to the store to pick up medicine for my kids – I picked up the generic brand, which my wife was not happy about.  Tomorrow is the BLBE weigh in and I fear I’m not going to fare well.  Most people lose weight while they are ill; I however have not – but I still have a day and I’m holding my hopes up.  I do have several posts in draft mode and I am planning on getting them out soon – so stay tuned.

On a sidenote – Happy Birthday to my wife – today the earth completes another rotation around the sun – but she hasn’t aged a day!

2 thoughts on “I’m still here!

  1. I hope your household is feeling better!!! We seem to have been struck with a case of the blechy blahs ourselves. Not really SICK but not really WELL, either.

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