Is it Groundhog Day?

I’m stuck in a loop – reliving the same year over and over and over again.  Its November and I’m still fat!  I haven’t stayed consistent with diet, workout, blogging (as you well know!)  Currently I’m working out, but my diet just isn’t there.  I have had successful months this year but still not consistent enough to lose any weight.  What am I missing?  I start and quit, start and quit, start and quit, over and over…

Round and Round we go… Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day I’m repeating the day again and again – I just need to figure out the lesson to be learned, learn it, and move on!

5 thoughts on “Is it Groundhog Day?

  1. Dale,

    I hear ya man. I’m down about 30 pounds since Feb. However, I have gained 3 pounds since September. I just can’t seem to get in the workout.

    With your blog a trip planned for a month from noe, I’m yo refocus and lose 8 pounds in a month. Wish me well,

  2. Dearest Dale:
    I empathize with you my friend.
    I’ve been there. I use to weigh well over 200 lbs. I also went through 7 years of anorexia/bulimia. It’s a long, long story. If you are interested I will share it with you BUT my main reason for writing is to encourage you with this…
    I use to have a HUGE problem with eating properly. Went through 7 years of anorexia/bulimia. My family liked and still likes their sweets and I still have these tempting delicacies in my home BUT WHEN THE LORD opened my eyes to a particular Truth in His Word I MADE UP MY MIND, ain’t nothing going to hold me back from being and doing ALL He wanted me to be. He reminded me “I want you to RUN the race. The things I can do through you when you are not only spiritually fit BUT PHYSICALLY fit. You represent Me. Not only spiritually BUT PHYSICALLY. What people see on the outside is a reflection of what is going on on the inside. Don’t limit what I want to do through you.”
    Once I realized God has a plan for me, that He sees potential and purpose IN me I determined in my heart I was going to do all I could to acheive what appeared at the moment to be impossible. I actually got mad at the devil for weighing me down with his words of defeat, feeding my insecurities with his words of hopelessness… Once God opened my eyes to the Truth I said…NO MORE DEVIL! You’ve been found out. I WILL NOT allow you to control this area of my life anymore. I don’t share this with too many people but my weight even caused my for a season to not attend church. I hated myself and the way I looked. Nothing fit. I felt just awful. I hated me.
    I want you to know Dale, you are not going to be able to do this on your own.
    You’re probably asking…HOW DID YOU DO IT?
    Here’s the recipe, the formula….I asked God to give me an appetite for ALL THAT WAS GOOD…spiritually and physically. I was already in the Word ALOT but my desire to study the Word became insatiable. The Word became food for me. Oh I’m not saying I stopped eating but with this new found appetite for the Word I would find I’d be spending hours studying it until I would hear my tummy growl reminding me…Hey, you haven’t had lunch yet. It truly was life-changing for me. I also noticed whenever I went grocery shopping I craved only that which was good for me…fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, salads, salads, salads. I no longer have an appetite for sweets, ice cream, chocolate bars… I can honestly say I have no desire whatsoever for those things..NONE AT ALL.
    That was several years ago Dale and I’m telling you…I am not the same person. The energy I have is amazing.
    I encourage you my friend. Dare to ask the Lord to GIVE YOU AN APPETITE FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD.” I promise you…If he can do this for me…He can do it for anybody. He did exactly what He said He would do.
    I attained victory in this through His Word, His Truths, His Promises… Once I got more into His Word, His Word did exactly what He promised it would do. “The washing of the Word renews the mind.” His Word renewed my mind. He spoke truths into my Spirit. He opened up my eyes to the enemy’s ploy of defeat.
    I plead with you my friend…The only way you are going to have victory over this is with a combination of His Word and asking Him to give you an appetite for all that is good.
    I speak a newness and a fresh perspective on what you are trying to achieve Dale. YOU CAN DO IT DALE…I KNOW YOU CAN.

  3. In my opinion, Food is the hardest fleshly thing to control and balance. As hard as quitting smoking was, I don’t have to have cigs in my house and they are not in arms reach of temptation at a weak moment ( I still think they smell good ha). Food however is a different story, you must have it, eat it daily to live. Of course its all about choices but I feel your pain when you have a household of kids and family that don’t have the same concerns.

    For me, the biggest lesson is its better to never arrive here or get here in the first place, but that has little to do with what to do or how to overcome once you do. I have fought and fought, the last 20-25lbs are killing me and I haven’t been able to shake them. I am compassionate toward our situation, it is super hard. If it were so simple (as some people have found to be) then there wouldn’t be shows like the Biggest Loser. Everyone has a different light bulb moment and we often don’t have control when or how this moment happens in our brain. Even if we do have that moment, as I feel I have, there are just places that seem too overwhelming to consistently focus on them. I think sometimes we just need a BIG BREAK, a 2nd chance and someone who is willing to put in the time and effort in making it all about helping us, so we can overcome in the area we are weakest. People who think God just does it alone and by his spirit seem to forget God positioned people, places, things in their lives to help them overcome successfully. He uses things and circumstances to help make change in our life happen, he provides a way through life to help us overcome, a helping hand. (spiritual faith without options to walk out that faith in the natural leading to change is POINTLESS).

    Losing weight is a FULL time job. When you have family and a job, it’s not so easy to make it our only focus. My prayer is that he open doors that make change in your life possible, however that may occur. Only God knows what you need to overcome. I pray that he bring those options to you! I love you and I’m praying for you…

    It is a good thing to teach a man how to fish, but if you don’t provide him with a fishing pole, a net and bait your efforts are worthless!

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