Is it really a surprise?

Is there really anyone surprised in the neglect this blog has suffered?  I mean the name of the blog is “I Quit… Again!”, right?  I just watched the movie Julie and Julia, about a blogger who blogs her way through a cookbook and life everyday for a year.  It inspired me to drop by my dusty old weight loss blog and reminisce about how things should be different around here.

As long as I’m here, I may as well give you an update – I have worked out three days this week during my lunch hour and once at football practice.  I’m still thinking about weight loss, but I can’t say I’ve made any progress whatsoever.  I have actually put on 5lbs since I started football 4 months ago.  I truly believe my problem isn’t my activity level, its my eating habits.

Will I ever get my eating under control?  I don’t know but I think its safe to say you will not likely be updated daily in a blog – I have three abandoned blogs at the moment; the family blog, this weight loss blog, and my Bible reading blog.  The truth is, I would do better to find a co-op blog of writers that I would jump in and publish a post on occasion rather than continue hosting my own blogs.  Any thoughts?

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