Its Mid-Year Resolution Time! 13.1 is mine, what’s yours?

What do I mean by 13.1? If you are a runner, you already yelled out, its half a marathon… But its more than that today. I was down to 249lbs for several weeks, but after jumping off the wagon and spending a few weeks in bad food decision land, I’m up to 271lbs this morning!

I have a goal to skydive with my brother around Thanksgiving – but in order to do that I have to be under 235lbs. I need to lose 36lbs if I want to make that goal; ~13.1% of my current weight. I say, lets do this!

I’m a goal minded person. I need something to aim for. So, I’m trying to work out the details to run the Rock-n-Roll half marathon in Las Vegas this year. That is 13.1 miles on the Vegas strip at night the day after we get back from Hawaii. Its going to be a tough endeaver due to the timing, the money, and the actual weight lose goal.

But I’m up for the challenge. What about you? Are you making mid-year resolutions?

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