I’ve done it AGAIN – Self-defeating, sabotaging, self-destroying behavior – with less than a week before the BIG RACE!

I have a dirty secret – that awesome 45 lbs lost in my sidebar… its a lie! Ok, not a lie as much as no longer true. About a month ago, I weighed 263 lbs and updated the site to reflect that. BUT two days later, for reasons I truly have been unable to explain, I jumped to 273! Yes, I gained 10 pounds in two days!

I thought it was water weight – some sort of glitch. I figured I would see that come off quickly. Then a week later I ran 26 miles in a training run. After that run I was certain I would be back down to my 263 number… but I wasn’t. I still had those 10 mystery pounds hanging on.

It’s been three weeks since the training run and a month since I picked up 10 lbs and if they were a glitch, they aren’t now. I haven’t kept a diet journal in weeks – I’ve eaten out of control – and I have picked up a couple more pounds. I don’t know my exact weight right now because I am out of town (for the marathon next week) but at last count I was over 275.

I was hoping to be close to 250 by the big race this Sunday – instead I would love to just get back down to 265! I am still going to run 26.2 miles Sunday – and I’m going to finish. But I asked the question a few months ago, “What’s next?” I now see that question as more important than ever…

2 thoughts on “I’ve done it AGAIN – Self-defeating, sabotaging, self-destroying behavior – with less than a week before the BIG RACE!

  1. Hi Dale, just stumbled across this blog by pure chance, looking for something else (actually, a picture of a person spinning plates… 😉

    I hear your pain and might be able to point you at some help. It worked for me. It goes against everything you THINK you know about diet and exercise, but it worked for me.

    (btw. I’m not affiliated in ANY way, just trying to make helpful suggestion, based on personal experience).

    The book is called “Why we get fat and what to do about it” by Gary Taubes. It is the definitive, once-and-for-all book on how and why the human body stores fat. It PROVES that exercise ain’t the answer (for health: yes, but weight loss: no). It PROVES that carb intake is the problem, particularly refined carbs. It PROVES that fruits and grains and smoothies and all that “good stuff” we think is making us healthy, is actually messing with our insulin levels and causing our bodies to “make” fat. It’s not that they’re bad for us, but the cost of eating them (to get the nutrients) is insulin problems which = fat.

    It also PROVES that edible fats don’t/can’t make us fat or increase cholesterol.

    So, I took it on board, skeptically, but dude, it works. It’s not a diet, it’s a perception change. It’s about gaining a new and irrefutable understanding of what and why. It’s not about starvation or running your shoes thin. It’s easier than that. It’s about understanding how your hormones work, plain and simple. Understand that and it all fits together.

    He’s not selling any pills or recipe books or equipment or memberships, just the book, which obviously represents about ten years of very hard work.

    Anyway, just thought I’d recommend it. See if it helps.

    Wishing you the best.

    1. @trevor – thanks for the suggestion – I’ve actually heard a lot about this concept (including a documentary rebuttal to Super Size Me called FatHead). I will check it out…

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