I’ve never been in four-minute shape because I’m a huffing fatty.

once a runnerI’m referring to a couple of quotes from Quenton Cassidy, the protagonist in Once a Runner by John L. Parker. Not that my blog here will be much of a book review – I’ll say it was a decent book and I enjoyed reading it and if you are looking for a novel to read with a runners theme – it won’t disappoint you.

I did find quite a bit of insight from reading the book (like being viewed by true runners as a huffing fatty). Reinforced by the mention of the eating habits of these elite runners; “with unswerving deliberation and concentration, [they] sat and consumed” a breakfast of “three scrambled eggs, two pancakes, sausage, nearly a quart of milk, and two doughnuts for later”. That sounds like a normal breakfast too me!

But one passage I found particularly interesting. Each runner, having hit a period of training called the “breakdown”, asks himself Questions. Questions like, “Why Am I Living like this?” and “Is this living?”. What grabbed my attention was when talking about runners in a breakdown period the book says they “begin to ask themselves the Questions too many times”.

I had a coach in high school that could often be heard saying “your mind will quit well before your body needs to!” I’ve found this to be true many times in my life. Am I quitting because I focus on my doubt? Do I ask myself the Questions too many times?

I don’t know, but this huffing fatty is going to focus on the doing  instead of the doubting in 2014!

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