Journal Entry: Dec 7th

Today was ok… mostly.  First, I didn’t gain or lose any weight – 298.1, just like yesterday.  I had an entire mentos pack while in church – but that wasn’t the bad part.  I skipped dinner because I went to a movie and made a bad food choice; I got the skittles.  This is not entirely my fault… my workout accountability partner was there with me – in fact, he bought the candy!


breakfast: diet swiss roll: 130 cals / 4g fat / 10g protein / 19g carbs
snack: mentos
lunch: cheese lasagna: 390 cals / 10g fat / 20g protein / 50g carbs
snack: 5 egg whites, loaded with Salsa, about 100 cals.
Dinner: bag of skittles – 5 servings, 150 cals per… doh! that’s 750 cals… I was at a movie.

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