Just another weekend

Nothing new to tell – but I find that my lack of posting results in a lack of focus – So I am here talking about my ups and downs, my victories and failures.  Of coarse lately its been more downs than ups, more failures than victories.  My wife is pregnant and her third trimester cravings are making it hard for me to stay the course.  I’ve put in a few pounds over the last few weeks – Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming her.  She didn’t make me snacks with her – I put the food in my mouth.

I did take pictures of everything I ate on Friday – which was a big help in making the right food choices.  I’m currently considering a new plan of attack for my diet – its simple – add fruit and vegetables to my diet everyday.  A LOT of fruit and vegetables.  The idea is that adding the right foods to your diet will push the wrong foods out naturally.  Those late night cravings for sugar snacks would be replaced with carrots… 🙂

I’ll keep you posted…

3 thoughts on “Just another weekend

  1. Carrots will only work if you can enjoy it, at least a little. For example, I have replaced potatoe chips with Apple slices. A sandwich now automaticly goes with apple slices– which I figured has is a huge calorie savings. One golden Apple – 55 calories. As many chips as I would eat with a sanwich 200 calories, easy.

    I love ice cream so I have replaced it with several things.
    1. Frozen seedless red or green grapes- 34 calories per 10 grapes
    2. Frozen fudge popsicles from Walmart- 40 calories
    3. Regular popiscles- 15 calories
    4. Wal-mart low cal no sugar Ice Cream Sandwiches- 110 calories
    5. Weight Watchers Ice cream in a single cup assorted falvors – 140 calories.

    The key here is to find a way to live not just a diet. I don’t think a carrot will ever fill a sweet tooth, at least not for me.

    I highly reccommand The Biggest Loser cookbooks. Recipes are low-cal and tasty! One or even two meals a day from the cookbook can also lower calories.

    You love to do many exercises you just have to get the calories in line. You can do it!

  2. I once had a great friend named Dale.
    We often talked about our fight with the scale.

    Oh I do hope he has not quit again, just yet.
    Yes, I’d rather he focus on his right mind set.

    My friend, do not foget your desire
    To help the children get higher.

    Rather please stay on the right track.
    Don’t make your spawn wish you back.

    I’ve heard life is about the climb.
    So, please please give yourself more time.

    1. Craig, I love that you keep coming back to remind me that I need to keep coming back… I consider you a true friend… check out my latest post when you get a sec….

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