Late Night Walk

Yesterday I was supposed to workout at the gym but I got caught up in a project at work and missed it.  My workout partner and I have a system that if we cancel a workout we get a tick mark beside our name on a whiteboard at work – just as an extra incentive to not cancel.  I had to put money up front to join this gym even though I already had a gym because my co-worker has a lifetime membership to 24 hour fitness (which by the was isn’t open 24 hours, ironically) so I couldn’t convince him to join my gym.  Did you follow that? 😀

Anyway, I told him early on that if I put the money out to join 24hour fitness, then he had to commit to working out three days a week with me.  Now, we both have similar workloads in the office that sometimes require us to work through lunch or take a short lunch – so when George agreed to three days a week, he said he was going to keep track of when I canceled so that if he had to cancel he could refer back to when I canceled – confusing yet?  Shorter terms – “Yeah, I know I had to cancel, but you canceled last week so we are even!”

Yesterday – I got a tick mark on my name.  ARRGGHHH!  There is a chance at redemption – if we workout today as a makeup, my tick mark goes away – the commitment is for 3 days a week, not specifically for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Last Friday, George knew he had to work through lunch, so we planned to workout on Thursday instead (which we didn’t do!).  Friday, I went to the gym after work and put in a 2 hour workout to make up for missing it during the lunch hour.  Yeah me!

Back to yesterday – I caused us to cancel the workout – so I own the tick mark.  We plan to workout today which will put us back on track, but tick marks and co-worker rivalery aside, I need my workouts because I eat like a bird (yes I said bird – the average bird eats over half its body wieght a day!)  I can’t risk that we would miss our workout today as well and lose those calorie burns – so I hit the treadmill that we just bought for Stephanie last week.  I walked over 3 miles and got caught up on “The Office” at the same time!

See you at the gym…

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