Maricopa Turkey Trot 2013

wpid-20131128_074635.jpgThis is the first “race” since my injury almost 3 years ago.  I’ve come so far but still have so far to go.  March of 2011, I suffered a serious injury while preparing for a marathon.  I was on a long run, enjoying my surroundings, when I stepped too hard down from a sidewalk that collapsed a disk, pinched a nerve and tore my rotator cuff and a muscle across my right shoulder blade.  I found my self a few days later at the ER, not being able to handle the pain any longer.

Since then, I’ve gone through so much trying to recuperate from this injury.  I’ve seen a chiropractor for a year.  I’ve seen my general practitioner, who was trying to help me manage pain.  I’ve taken MRIs and several X-rays.  I’ve also tried the denial thing but the pain quickly tells me how dumb I am.

November 28, 2013, I found my self some where I’ve dreamt of but never I thought I’d be again; at the start line of a race.  Now, this wasn’t an official or a grand race on any scale.  However, this race means the world to me.

In the last 3 years, I’ve prayed and begged and just plain cried to be able to run again.  Now I’m by no means in the shape I was the day of my injury but getting to this race was a giant step towards where I want to be.

The guy shouted, “Go!” and the clock began to tick.  I found myself smiling and bouncing to my music.  It was very tight with all the people at the beginning; usually the part I hate, but I was enjoying something I thought might not ever happen again.

I’m slowly increasing my cardio during my training, so I’ve been using the Galloway technique.   I didn’t do my normal first 5 minute warm up.  I just jogged it, but after the first 10 minutes, I was smoothly into my normal 4 minute jog and one minute walk routine.

By mile 2, I was feeling great cardio-wise but my music was annoying me.  I also noticed some ladies cheating on the race.  I don’t know why I cared but it bothered me.  I remember thinking I wish it didn’t.   I notice the pain in my shoulder and cant help but wonder if I’m pushing too hard, will I pay for this later, is the pain ever going to go away, will it always be there to remind me?  The sun was starting to beat down and the cool breeze of the beginning was nowhere to be felt.  I start to feel tears in my eyes and think, Oh I forgot how emotional I get during a race!

The last half a mile my stomach was not feeling very well.  I was very queasy.  I wonder if this was because of my choice for breakfast.  I’ve worked harder and not felt this way.  Starting to think maybe I should have taken a sip of the water offered to me at mile 2.  Starting to think maybe this was a bad idea.

Then I turn the corner and see the finish line…  Already all my troubles are out of mind…  My legs feel heavy and not going as fast as I’m telling them to but I see hope, I see my three children (and some nieces) running towards me, I see my husband’s smiling face, I see my brother…  I see a finish line that for so long I never thought I’d see again.  I cross.  I can’t help it!!  It’s an immediate thought, When’s the next race?

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