Merry Christmas 2014!

skinnysantaMerry Christmas!

Its the end of the year (already)! I hope your year has been full of family, friends, love, and life! And I hope you have made progress on your fitness goals.

My year has been full of ups and downs. I changed jobs after working at over 7 years and my new job has me traveling a bit. The stress that changing jobs creates in a family is of course a challenge, but add to that having to deal with being away from family and adjusting to eating out while traveling could certainly be an easy excuse for not losing weight. But with the support of my wife and family, we have been able to stay focused on our health.

When I started IQA, I was over 300lbs, but that was years ago and I cannot continue to celebrate weight loss from years past while neglecting the present. Last month I reset my weight loss counter to my then current weight of 285lbs and went back to zero pounds lost. It was a reset and a refocus for me – and I’m 20 lbs down as of this morning!

I signed up for the P.F. Chang FULL marathon (which is in 3 weeks!) and I signed up for the Warrior Dash. I picked up a fancy pedometer called the Fitbit Force and I bought a couple of pairs of running shoes. My wife has even joined in, registering for the P.F. Chang Half Marathon, the Disney Princess Half Marathon, and the Warrior Dash with me. We ran the 12k’s of Christmas this year, and I was able to shave 3 mins off my personal record for that race!

Together, my wife and I have been calling December the start of our 2014 – with a focus on healthy lives for us and our children. I’m exciting that we might even get to read of few posts from Stephanie (my wife) this year here on IQA… No promises though.

Its been a good start. A great start in fact. But as we all know, its not how you start the race, its how you finish. Maybe I should rename the blog to I start again? Nah.

I leave you with one of my personal favorite Christmas songs – enjoy:

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