My first cheat day

Sunday marked the completion of 12 weeks on the Eat to Live program, and I took my first “cheat” day! If you have visuals of me at a Chinese buffet being told “You go now… you been here 4 hour!”, then I’d say you must know me! OR should I say KNEW ME…

I did not stuff myself at a buffet. Sunday for the first time since 1/1, I had meat. I ate lobster tail for lunch. For an afternoon snack, I had sweet potato chips with guacamole, and for dinner, I had two slices of pizza.

Do I feel guilty? Not even a little bit. Do I regret it? Maybe. As I was eating the pizza, I started to feel nauseous. I don’t know if it was the meat or the grease, or what, but I had to go lay down after dinner for a while. I ended up taking a 5 hour nap.

I thought to myself Sunday morning, “maybe I’ll reward myself every 12 weeks with a cheat day!” but by the end of the day Sunday I was thinking “why would I punish myself by eating like this?”

Regardless, I’m curious to see how Sunday’s actions will affect my weight in next Sunday…

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