My Scale Calls Me FAT!

The familiar music of the Nintendo Wii fills the room as I turn down the volume on the TV, hit a button on the Wii Remote to wake it from sleep mode and head to the bathroom.  I come back and point the Wii Hand to the Fitness Channel, then click start.  The Wii Fit music now replaces the Wii menu sounds and I watch the Mii’s run up to the screen waiting to be selected.  I pick my Mii, and wait for the box to say “This is your XX day” – currently I’m over 60 days into this routine; I select “Body Test”.  Then the Wii Scale starts in…

“Welcome Back… Working Out everyday takes dedication… Would you like to hear a fitness tip?”

I hit No:

“Oh… well I’m willing to share my fitness tips whenever you want me to!”

“Lets start by you telling me how much your clothes weigh”

I select “Other, 0 lbs”

“Hit the button to turn on the scale with your foot… Don’t step on yet….”

“Ok – step on now… Ohhh…”

“Ohh”??? Really?  Do I need that?  A scale that can’t help but say “Ohh” when I get on it?  I think I would be at least entertained by “Whoa man, lay off the pizza” or “Ohh… Its you again”  I’m not making this up folks, this thing says “Ohh…” every time I get on the scale.  Ok – back to the routine:

“Relax and stand still… 3… 2… 1… Measuring, Measuring, Measuring… All Done!”

After showing me how much I fidget, my Mii is standing there looking as thin as can be next to a progress bar with Underweight, Healthy, Overweight, and Obese listed in BMI numbers… I hit “A” and my Mii gains weight quickly as the bar rises from healthy, to overweight, and finally obese…

“That’s Obese…”

Come On!  Really?  Do I need to hear that over and over and over… that’s obese, that’s obese, that’s obese, that’s obese… 60 days in a row???  I’m over 150lbs overweight… I am 100lbs over overweight… Its going to take many many months of real dedication to lose 100lbs.  Is it too much to ask that the scale use a little bit of tact?  How about “Same as yesterday” or “try again tomorrow”… No, each and everyday I have to hear it —- “That’s Obese…”

10 thoughts on “My Scale Calls Me FAT!

  1. you are KIDDING me right? it says “ohhhhh..”


    We havent drop the dollars for a wii fit because we are certain we are too heavy for it anyways…

    I mean we have a treadmill in the house that has a weight limit of 300…now I realize 300 is a large number but many people wanting to use a treadmill to lose weight are near or above that number especially men…

    so is there a weight limit for wii fit?

    1. Yeah – its says “ohhh…” – kinda like “wow, you ARE heavy!”

      I checked online and most people seem to think the Fit has a limit of only 300lbs, but I was 308lbs when I started using it and I’m almost certain mine had a 330lbs limit when I bought it. I’m on the road but when I get home (if I remember), I do still have the box and I will confirm the limit.

  2. That is kind of weird that it says that instead of keep trying or something. Good information about the Wii….Wish I had one 🙂

    1. We made it our only Christmas present to each other this year – even though we bought it in November. Despite its occasional rudeness, its a great tool in my weight loss journey.

  3. What people without one may fail to realize in the translation is that the ‘ohhh’ is less like a ‘oh’ and more like a shocked ‘Holy Crap I wasn’t ready for that’ type of sound.

    I’d really just appreciate a scale function where I can get on, get off, and not have the system sound like it is suffering.

    1. I don’t really care about the “Ohh”s and “that’s Obese” comments but I do wish I could just hit my Mii and weigh in without playing 20 questions, you know?

  4. This is the first negative comment I’ve heard about the Wii Fit…..I wonder at what weight does it not sound shocked when you step onto it?

    Maybe I’m glad I don’t have one.

    1. Nah – don’t take it too seriously – its an important tool in my personal weight loss goals – I found the comments comical and to be honest – you gotta be able laugh at yourself…

      The most frustrating part of weighing in everyday is the question after question you have to answer before it lets you weigh in.

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