New Horizons

Wouldn’t that be great?  Something new on the horizon?  I know I would love to have some new momentum, new direction, new inspiration for losing weight.  But I don’t.  Currently I only have the same dream of 36 inch pants and medium sized shirts that I have had for the last several years.

I don’t even know that I’m closer to understanding the reason for my weight issues (emotional, genetics, thyroid gland, just plain lazy, etc).  I’m active – I work out although its not consistent.  I’ve cycled, ran, walked, even recently started a martial arts class.  I think I know the best way for me to lose weight will involve dieting (or more specifically, changing my diet).  I can work out for an hour and burn 500 – 1000 calories but in as little as 5 minutes I can consume twice that.

Anyway – there is no new ‘umph’, no new push, no new direction.  Not even the frustration is new!  I would say that I want to lose weight like I want to play the piano; Enough to dream of how great it would be, but not enough to actually put in the time and effort required to accomplish the dream… At least I can console myself with mp3’s of great piano solos and think that could be me!

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