New Life through Vlogging?

So the question is – if I started to create video content – would you watch?  Personally – it was a lot of work to get you guys (those of you left) to even check out or read my blog – BUT I’m soon to have the HTC Evo phone with a 4.3 inch screen, an 8 meg camera, and the easy of uploading videos through qik or youtube right from the phone.

So – if I uploaded vlog entries – would you bother watching?  I’m not sure that I can maintain any level of content worth watching.  I am a conversationalist.  I enjoy sharing my life through short stories and entertaining those around me.  But, would it be easier for me to create a video blog entry than it is to create a short post?  Maybe.

I have thought about sharing my weight loss struggle in a video journaling fashion, but is that TOO personal?  When I write, I often labor over the right words, the best phrasing, the exact description.  I’ve even changed the wording of a post based solely on my inability to spell a word close enough for spell checker to even understand what I was trying to say.  A video removes all of that dynamic.

Well – I’m sure I will still attempt some level of word smithing.  The worst part of vlog entries is that unlike conversations, I have the ability to rewind and try again.  Seriously – this is a bad thing because it causes me to spend a lot of time scripting my post – something I never do in casual conversation.  And I think a good blog entry looks like a casual conversation.

Anyway – my question is – if I film it, will you watch it?

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