One Month Left until the Marathon… And Sunday I am attempting a 26 mile run!

Its late and I’ve just driven 3 hours north in order to find a cooler climate to run in for my 26 mile training run.

I didn’t run most of this week. No good reason not to, I just didn’t. I also ate like I was trying to gain 30 lbs in 10 days. I successfully put on about 5lbs. So far, I’m not looking great for the marathon.

I must admit, I’m starting to doubt myself. Its been a longg road but it seems like I blinked and found myself almost at the end of it and still completely unprepared.

Well, Sunday will tell all; This Sunday I attempt to run 26 miles for the first time. I traveled to Prescott and I believe I have found a trail that should serve me well for a training run. But I have a few concerns about the logictics – I can’t start the run until 6am because the trail isn’t open. Since I believe this is going to take me about 7 hours – that puts me at 1pm. Well even this far north at 5100 feet – it will be over 80 degrees by then!

I’m not sure how I will be able to access water during the run yet and I’m not sure what the elevation gains are on the trail I plan to run. I hope to have both of those issues resolved today.

Anyway – I know for most this post is a boring one – but I want to have something to look back on regarding how I measured the journey to a thinner me. And right now Aiden is screaming – Zander and Lexi are fighting – its after midnight and we are in a hotel… all so I can get thinner!

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