Pardon Our Dust… I wish it were from construction instead of neglect

Ok – I know there aren’t any readers out there that still consider this to be a happening blog.  I’ve let it sit for over a month.  But, just to let those few readers out there know, I haven’t been personally sitting for that same month.  I’ve joined a full contact minor league football team here in the Phoenix valley.  The Peoria Patriots are a member of the Copper Football League (CSFL).

I’m number #65 and at 32 years old, having been out of the game for about 15 years, I’m second string.  I do not mind though, because I play with some of the best linemen in this league, and I would rather string behind the best than be a starter on a team so bad they would have me as a starter!

Anyway, I’d love to see you in the stands cheering the Patriots and me, #65 holding down the bench.  The games are at Moon Valley High School on the corner of Cactus and 35th ave.

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