PF Chang 1/2 Marathon 2014

I cant believe it!  I really did it!  I finished my first marathon.


Over for years ago, Dale had to drag me out of the house for a 5k.  I remember getting back and sitting in the recliner thinking there’s no way I’m going to live.  He had to bring me water and I didn’t move for a very long time.  He mentioned that night in September that he wanted to start to run.  He talked of races and I thought he was just crazy.


For the next several months, I learned a lot about myself and began my running journey.  I could see it how it was changing our lives and started making goals.  The first was to do the Coast to Coast Disney Challenge.  I wasn’t sure when or how about that one.  Dale wanted to do a marathon with my brother in the summer so we began to train for it.  I made it my goal to do the ½.


In March of 2010, I had a bad injury that would take me from running for over 3 years.  I was unable to meet that goal of doing the ½.  It was a huge disappointment.  I sat with the kids in the hotel room as my husband, brother and sister in law all ran the event; thinking about my injury and wishing I was running.


I’ve had to start slow.  I have had a long ways to come.  But Sunday I finally completed my first ½ marathon.  My goal was to do it in 3 hours and 30 minutes; 15 minute miles.  My official time is 3 hours 17 minutes and 30 seconds.  Is it an amazing time? No. But its my best time ever.


MILE 1  I had planned to walk the first mile so that I don’t go too fast but Dale had put my time as something phenomenal cause I was in the first corral.  I thought it would be rude to run.  I did get in the way back so they didn’t run over me.  The first mile felt so good.  I normally have shoulder pain during my first few miles but I felt great.  Like I was being pushed while running on a trampoline.  I really liked the band who had a cool double decker bus and was on stilts.  I completed mile one in 12:40min/mile


MILE 2  I knew I needed to slow down a bit.  I tried to force myself to go slower.  I didn’t want to tucker out too quick.  The next mile seemed to go very fast though.  I completed mile two in 13:10min/mile


MILE 3  I decided to run what felt comfortable and stop trying to slow down.  In my head, I was thinking later it might come in handy that I’m a head of my time goal.  I completed mile three feeling great at 13:00min/mile


MILE 4  I slowed down for my first scheduled walk, water and GU break.  During training I had found a GU helpful at ever 4 miles so that was the plan today.  I completed mile four at 14:24min/mile


MILE 5  Feeling great and wondering how Dale is doing.  I completed mile five at 13:47min/mile


MILE 6  I’m feeling warmer and really wishing for some water but not only no water at this mile; the time clock for the race isn’t working.  I’m really thankful for the early birthday gift from Dale, my new Garmin Forerunner 220 in a pretty white and purple.  My legs are feeling a lil heavy, wonder if I’m going a little up hill.  I completed mile six at 15:36min/mile


MILE 7 Poured some water on my face, arms, back and accidentally drenched the front of my shirt.  I worried bout phone getting wet but feeling better.  I drank some too of course.  After some water I’m feeling a lot better.  I completed mile seven at 14:03min/mile


MILE 8 OH NO!  No water at my scheduled water and GU break.  I keep jogging along.  I’m really hungry now.  A little ½ way thru mile 8, there’s a water at the beginning of an in and out.  Get my GU down with some and on my way.  I’m jogging but this is a straight shot up a mountain.  I decided I might as well walk the steep path since it would take less effort.  I completed mile eight at 16:33min/mile


MILE 9  Feeling the GU and water hit and going down the mountain now…feeling soooo good!  Nice breeze right here too!  I completed mile nine at 14:49min/mile


MILE 10  Another little hill and just jogging nicely along at my normal pace.  I completed mile ten at 15:10min/mile


MILE 11  I noticed I’m really ahead of schedule and wonder if I pick it up if I could have this done in 3 hours!!  I completed mile eleven at 13:59min/mile


MILE 12  I realize that I don’t want to do it in 3 hours. If I do I’d have to rethink my up coming goals.  I slow down but now I’m feeling starved!!  I really should be taking my last GU but no water at this mile.  I start to walk because I’m very lightheaded.  I’m sooooo hungry.   Craving some grapes or a clementine really bad.  I begin think if I faint will they let me finish.  I start sucking on the GU without water.   I completed mile twelve at 15:58min/mile


MILE 13.1  The last .6 miles was so hard.  I’m not really tired just so hungry and cant make my legs go faster.  I walk and jog off and on.  When I get to the bridge, I try to push a lil harder though.  But still even though I don’t want to, I find myself lightheaded and walking. When I see the finish line, I get a lil more gush of power and sprint.  I find myself slowing as I get to the arch.  A second after I step over the finish mat, I hear my phone say I have a text.  When I finish, I’m so disoriented and light headed.  Emotion floods me.  I’m fiddling; trying to get my senses together, trying to shut off my garmin, music, mapmyrun and my HIGDON app.  People are saying things to me and one gives me my medal.  About time.  I finally get my app turned off.  It says the last 1.1 miles (+ the disoriented time) was 16:15

I look at my text and find out that was a notification that Dale had crossed the 13.1 mile with me.  That made me smile.


I tried to stand to get a photo with my medal but for some reason the guy took another person then me right next to him so I decided to try to find some water and something to eat.


I did it!!  I finished my ½ marathon.  Lots of weeks of training, lots of months waiting, lots of years wondering if it would ever be possible.. but its in the record books.  I did it!

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