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You may have noticed that I’m taking more time to blog over the last few weeks.  Looking over my blog posts over the last two years has been very insightful but one of the things I noticed was that I only blog when I’m doing well.  There are long pauses between posts during times when I was gaining weight or just not focusing on weight loss.

During some of those dark times, I was greatful for other weight loss bloggers out there who kept posting even while I was silent.  One of the blogs I enjoyed two years ago was Roni’s Weigh.  The thing I enjoy most about her site today is that she has kept blogging even after having lost her weight.  In fact, the tag line on her site includes The “After” story continues. . . I love that!

In her latest vlog post, she answers a few questions from her readers:

  • Binge Eating Help/Solution
  • Lowering the Grocery Bill
  • Feeding the Bottomless Pit
  • Changing the shape of your legs by running?
  • Holiday Eating Advice

I enjoyed her willingness to be completely open with her journey and taking time to help people that are still on a journey.  This one caught my attention because I started running over a month ago and I have noticed a change in the shape of my legs since – but in Roni’s answer to that question, she shares that she “still” has cottage cheese legs.

I think having more blogs and vlogs like Roni’s are one of the best parts of the web!  I doubt she will ever see this post, but if you do Roni – Thanks for putting yourself out there for the benefit of the rest of us (and if you don’t mind sharing – what software are you using to record, edit, and post your videos???)

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