Should I sit down to lose weight?

I’m gaining weight – I’m losing the battle of the bulge! I’m still eating vegan but I’ve gravitated toward lower nutrient, higher calorie foods and I’m not running, not cycling, not moving anything but the scale and that’s going the wrong way!!!!!

I’m beginning to think that my summer goal should be to simply NOT GAIN WEIGHT! It might be all that I can do to get through September and be anything below 250lbs…

[Long pause for introspection]

Argh!!! Sometimes I hate blogging – it makes me articulate things I don’t want to have said. So what is it that I’m not saying? Stand-up. I’m afraid that my lack of progress is directly connected with my new found past time – I’ve been preforming stand-up comedy at open mic nights around town and I fear that is in some way related to my seemingly sudden weight gains.

Trust me when I say I don’t want to have said this. If my wife ever reads my blog (not a LOT of change there), she may just immediately demand that I stop doing stand-up based on this idea. She already doesn’t love my evenings away from the family. This would simply add fuel to her fire.

Don’t get me wrong – she has been super permissive regarding my nights out, but she has hoped that I would “get this out of [my] system”. Any indication that stand-up is somehow interfering with my recently weight loss success would be a great reason for her permissive approach to change. I’ve digressed, but its my blog and I’ll digress if I want to.

Its not that I think doing stand-up is causing me to gain weight, but the change in my routine could be related. You’ve heard the phase, nothing tastes as good as thin feels. I am asking (maybe prematurely) if being a comic feels better than being thin… Should I sit down in order to lose weight?

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