Something is changing… if only for this meal.

I’ve been focusing on my health for the last couple of weeks – and I’ve seen some progress but today I noticed something has changed.  I wish I could say it was that my pants were loose or my belt was too big – or something great like that but its something different than an external change.  Something internal is happening here.

I had a vendor meeting over lunch today – which happens a few times a month in my field.  Most of the time, its at a restaurant where there are always healthly options (for me to ignore) – but today it was an in-house lunch meeting and the vendor brought pizza.  Ugghhh… I can’t eat pizza and I know it but even that fact and my recognition of that fact isn’t the change I’m talking about.

I went downstairs and purchased a salad from the cafe – that’s right I paid for food when free food was available -But even that isn’t what caused me to write a post.  What surprised me was my reaction to the pizza.  Before, I would have either A) eaten the pizza and felt guilty later OR B) Gotten a salad from downstairs while I wished I was eating pizza.

You may think – ok, Dale – you picked B.  But that is not the case.  I saw the pizza – and was immediately put off.  Almost like one of those skinny health nuts that turn their nose up at junk food – I smelled the pizza and thought – ugghh, there is no way I’m eating THAT!

My tastes seem to have changed – if only for this single meal.  I’m going to take it as a win – if only for this single meal.

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