Sprint HTC EVO Contest

This morning, I’m working from home, surfing the web, responding to work IMs, reading my email (both work and personal), tweeting my breakfast, paying my bills, and writing this post, when I came across another great reason why I’m a Sprint customer – the HTC EVO phone.

Ok, I didn’t tweet my breakfast – but the rest of its true.  As I’m looking at the HTC EVO (which isn’t out yet), I’m thinking “THAT is my next phone!”.  Then I came across the Sprint Premier members only contest allowing 10 people to WIN an HTC EVO phone AND year of service – all you have to do is give FAST FACTS regarding what I can do really fast in no LESS than 150 words!  Sounds like a blog entry to me, so why not?  But what can I do really fast?

  1. I can type about 50 words a minute – but I can cut and past thousands of words in a nano second; does that count?
  2. I rode my bicycle over 700 miles in 11 days; I only actually averaged around 10 mph on the bike – but I once took a plane ride from Charlotte to Phoenix in under 5 hours; does that count?
  3. I have three kids all under 7 years old – but we used in vitro fertilization and I actually did my part in creating 23 embroyes in one ‘shot’; does that count?
  4. I wrote this entire blog post in under ten minutes – but I stopped to play with my kids and didn’t actually hit the post button until over an hour later; does that count against me?

What does any of this have to do with my wildly popular “I Quit Again!” weight loss blog?  Nothing.  Does that count against me too?

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