STOP LYING to yourself about your calorie intake!

If you aren’t losing weight – you are overeating! Telling yourself that something is only a couple hundred calories without looking it up or writing it down is lying to yourself. Those crackers with your soup add calories! The dressing you put on your chicken salad is more calories than the salad itself. The handful of candy you grabbed from your co-works candy dish is the 800 calories you haven’t been able to account for!

The one thing I think I have found is that when I completely and consistently track my calorie intake, I lose weight. When I log my food daily (Food Journal), I use My Fitness Pal to keep track. The problem is that no matter how convenient that is – its still “paperwork” and I have a hard time completely and consistently tracking my calories.

I’m not currently losing weight… and I haven’t been logging my calorie intake. Starting yesterday, I’m logging my food again. Lets see if I can completely and consistently track my intake for the next 70 days – (when I turn 34)…

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