Surgery has been scheduled

I promised last week an important announcement “early next week” – and here it is:  

Surgery has been scheduled…

for the website that is!  That’s right – I Quit Again is getting a total makeover!  I know, maybe a bit anti-climatic if you were thinking I was getting weight loss surgery, but unless I get sooo FAT, that I cannot physically get on a treadmill, surgery is just not on the weight loss road map.

So, you are thinking, what makes this a “big announcement”?  The current site isn’t doing the job I set out to do – help me lose weight.  Now, I know a new coat of paint doesn’t make an old barn any better equipt to house the hay – so to speak… but when I say Surgery has been scheduled for the website – I mean real changes.

Just a few of the planned changes:

  • New look and feel
  • New sidebar widgets for daily calorie intake
  • New calendar functionality for workout schedule
  • New hazing button that allows you the reader to send me a tough love reminder when I haven’t posted regular updates to my diet or workout – or if I just haven’t posted in a while.
  • Twitter intergration and interaction
  • Much, Much More!

Now here is the catch (isn’t there always a catch?) – its going to take some time to get the changes in place.  My desire here is to make the site more entertaining for you and more functional for me; my fear is that I’ll get so far behind in the upgrades that I will “quit” – AGAIN!  

This is where I need your help – I believe its going to take about a month to get all the changes in place, how do we – you and me – keep me accountable during the next four weeks?  I’m seriously looking for your help here – don’t let me down!  Post a comment – give me your thoughts!

PS – is there anything you would like to see on the site?

8 thoughts on “Surgery has been scheduled

  1. How about posting regular updates on Twitter? We can follow your progress and cheer you on (or give you a swift kick) from there 🙂

    1. Meg – looks like the burden of keeping me on point is going to fall on your shoulders 😀 no one else has commented! I do like the idea of twitter updates – I’ll start a conversation tagged (maybe #IQA) where I will post updates regarding the site – I might even find a way to put those updates on here for people to refer back to… thanks for commenting… at least I know someone is still reading.

      1. No probs 🙂 Let me know what you plan to do and when you plan to start doing it and I will make sure you stay on schedule!!

        I’m @kiwimeg on Twitter – feel free to DM or @reply anytime 🙂

        BTW am looking forward to the new look blog!!

  2. The weight loss only works for me, when I put the food down. I see so much of myself in your story. The docotr told me that if I had to choose between exercise and diet tha I needed to choose diet, when I questioned why, he said it takes about 1/2 a minuite to eat 400 calories, and 1 hour in the gym to burn it off.

  3. ahhhh, that’s it? I only come to read about you, personally I don’t visit the site for any other reason. But whatever helps you is a Bonus. Can’t wait to see the changes 🙂

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