The Garmin Forerunner 610 turns my wrist green

I LOVE the Garmin Forerunner 610 – its the best tool I’ve purchased in my training to run a marathon. The touch screen works even when my fingers are wet or its raining – the heart rate monitor option is amazing – the GPS is fast to connect and I’ve never seen it “cut corners” like my HTC Evo did while running iMapMyRun (when I turn a corner through a neighborhood, my Evo would not have a GPS signal but once it got it back would drawl a straight line from where it had a signal before to where if found me when it picked back up – so my route would cut corners, through houses, streets, etc – taking miles in some cases off my run).

But I do have one complaint about the Garmin – it seems to have a high copper content based on the fact that the back of the watch has a copper color coming through AND my wrist turns green every time I wear it.

Silver and other metals like nickel don’t turn your skin green – copper does. Not all people have this reaction to copper either, but I do. I’ve heard it could be an issue with my diet and I’m looking into that too.

Regardless, I love the watch and I’ve even been using it as my daily watch – but until I fix the green skin issue, I really cannot continue to wear it. I’ve had to answer too many questions like “how did you  bruise your wrist!” and “ew… is your watch doing that!”

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