The pain of regret has become a chronic pain in my life

“The pain for Regret must be greater than the pain of Discipline.”

I heard the statement above on a YouTube video this morning. My immediate thought was “but its not.” I asked myself why. Why is the discipline more painful than the regret. I regret eating candy last night, but the pain of saying no last night was greater even now. I didn’t wake up angry of my actions last night. I woke up mildly bothered by my actions. I step on the scale and I’m disappointed but not angry. Why? What makes one pain greater than the other? How can I change?

The pain of regret has become a chronic pain in my life. I’ve learned ‘pain management’ for regret. I’ve learned to live with it. I almost don’t even notice it now, but its ever present.

I named this blog so many years ago, “I quit…again!” I’ve learned since that I can’t seem to quit making bad food choices. I can’t seem to quit choosing to watch TV instead of go for a walk. I can’t seem to quit living with the regret of bad decisions and poor self discipline.

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