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I know I put the pressure on myself – but I simply cannot continue to put off blogging because I don’t have some AMAZING article to write about.  So here is me being me!

I’m struggling with the diet this month – A LOT!  I have all the right tools in place – Nike+ running system, My Brand New BodyBugg (armband seen on biggest loser), my support system (you guys, my family, even my co-workers) – but this isn’t working!  I have a blog post in draft mode right now called “Did your diet quit working or did you!” – I’ll answer that question right now – I did… arrgghhh!

I’m NOT discouraged – I’m mad! Mad at myself.  Why do I continue to sabotage myself every time I get close to 285lbs???  My wife told me that one of the girls on the Biggest Loser last night was 301 and GAINED two pounds! HELLOOOO! Like the insurance commercials say on TV – “I’m so there!” — sidenote, Stephanie said she had immunity, so if I were her, I would have chugged a gallon or two of water before the weigh in to ensure a gain and a big loss NEXT week, maybe she did that? – back on point..

The challenge – A Month to LIVE – well – lets review – there were four challenges and four weeks – My goal was 4 for 4.  So how am I doing?

  1. No water – mostly check… by mostly – I mean when I ate cookies at 10pm last night, I had milk…
  2. No TV – mostly check… I took the Superbowl off and my wife’s birthday b/c she wanted me to watch Biggest Loser and American Idol with her last Friday.  I’m supposed to be reading INSTEAD of TV… more on that later
  3. Sleep 7-8 hours – well… I was doing great all last week. I’ve been getting 6 this week… arrgghh
  4. Exercise (500 cals a day) – well… We were sick half of last week (the whole family EXCEPT my wife).

For the No TV, read INSTEAD challenge – here is the thing, I come home around 5:30 most days – we eat dinner, clean up from dinner, go for our family walk (2.5 miles) and then come home and give the kids baths, get them ready for bed and bam!  It’s already after 9!  I’m supposed to be able to then sit down and read for an hour, write quality blogs, catch up on work I didn’t get done at the office but has to be done before 8am tomorrow and run my web design business WHILE STILL GETTING TO BED BY 11PM???  Whatever!

So the first thing that went was blogging – sorry guys, my posts have been a bit light lately.  The second thing is the work catch up – my co-workers have noticed.  Ok – then Reading went out the window too.  I can’t neglect my web design business – I have clients that pay for my time and I have to find new clients all the time because we budget on that revenue stream.

I haven’t even brought up my church, my in town relatives, my friends – all of which are asking for more time.  I have to find a way to be more productive in less time or I’m sunk.  I know a lot of people say don’t do as much – but what you don’t know is the amount of things I already table on top of what I keep on my plate.  I can’t quit my day job, don’t want to quit my night job, really don’t want to quit my blogging, won’t quit my church, can’t quit spending time with family – and although I haven’t spent anytime with my friends lately – I hate that they have been pushed off.  And all the while, I need to learn how to eat right, live right.

With everything I have going on – I often tend to go into auto pilot for many activities that don’t require my concentration (like eating).  I have got to change the speed and direction of my life!!!  My lack of focus on healthy eating habits is killing me – literally.  I’m NOT discouraged… I’M MAD!

9 thoughts on “This isn’t working

  1. I understand how you feel. Sad to say I have no real answers. Oh, you could live be a planner or this or that. I guess the bottom line is something has to change inside us, somewhere in the mind. Sometimes it is like everybody and everything wants a piece of you. Plus, they deserve or need a pieces but my name is not Reese. So, my pieces don’t always taste so good. It just feels like all those pieces don’t equal the whole puzzle some times.

    But I know how feel.

  2. Makes me think just maybe… Atheists do believe in God but just maybe they are lazy or don’t have time for Him. :o) Maybe there is hope for them yet! lol.

    Sorry… nothing to help in the way of suggestions or advice… just support. :o)

    You can do it!

    Do y’all do the daylight savings thing out there or not? I can’t remember which states do it and which don’t… but hopefully you don’t and just think come the first weekend in March I lose an hour… And if y’all do the time change thing… just don’t think about it! hehehe

  3. Something, somewhere has got to give. I don’t know what your schooling situation is, but if possible can you drop a course or two? Lighten up that load. We already briefly discussed delegation on Web Biz. You cannot and will not ever be able to have it ALL. Period. What’s up with the food issues? Are you getting the support you need from wife and kids? If not, you may need to stomp a foot and say “Look, stop buying junk”!!! (this is all based on assumption, so don’t hate me if it’s the wrong assumption)….It just sounds like there are forces working against you, and I know how devastating that can be.

    Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Period. It’s what has to be done, to get you to where you need to be. And, don’t forget to ASK for help. Friend on Twitter and in the bloggisphere may be able to do things for you. Friends and family in the real world will support you and help you, if you ASK! Stop trying to do it all on your own! 😛

    Take care. I mean it!

  4. I Love You Dale and I know your struggle is difficult. I will pray for you….
    Mathew 13:22 The one who received the seed that fell among the thorns is the man who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke it, making it unfruitful.

  5. I totally think it was game play on BL last night when the daughter on the purple team gained 2 pounds – I think she’s hoping for a big loss next week?

    Do you like the Body Bugg? I heard they were expensive.

    1. @Biz – they are expensive – I paid $200 for mine – and I love it! Subscribe to my RSS through email if you want to get emailed when I write up a review (should be in the next few days/weeks)

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