This post sucks

Does every post have to be clever? I want to post everyday but I don’t because I don’t feel like I have anything entertaining enough, clever enough, worthy enough for anyone to take the time to read them.

Tonight I ate terrible at a business dinner. I’ve done very well during most of my business travel over the last several months. I’ve eaten salads and healthy options week in and out. But not tonight.

I had bread, wine based claims, more bread, a Greek salad, more bread, breaded fried calamari, two mojitos, two glasses of red wine, some more bread, stuffed leg of lamb, a glass of cognac, and an ice cream desert called a mud slide.

Altogether, my dinner was over 2150 calories. I went back to the hotel room and felt like a slob. I almost went to bed because when you over eat, you want to sleep. You get lethargic. But I didn’t climb into bed.

Instead, I got dressed, went downstairs and jogged, walked, and then I walked some more. But not enough. I still found myself over my calories for the day despite burning almost 800 calories before midnight.

Its 2am – I continued after midnight in order to accomplish my daily goals for Thursday. But now I’m actually exhausted.

See this post sucked…

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