This Time

This is an unfinished Draft from 02/11/2009 – I’m not sure why I didn’t published back then…

Those two words drive me crazy! I hate saying them. Its like wearing the proverbial red A on my chest (from the Scarlett Letter) telling the whole world – Yes I have tried and failed before – but,

“This Time…”

I hate those words.  I mean it!  Everytime I talk to someone about losing weight, or this blog, or anything health related – I have to say those two words.  I named my blog “I Quit… Again!” because of those two words.  I have quit and quit and quit every time I’ve tried before – thus the name, “I Quit… Again!” as an ironic twist to those two words – “This time”.

I’ve tried to lose weight before – many times, but “This time I started at 308lbs” and “This time will be different” and “This time I have a better support group” and “This time I have cooler electronics to help me”.

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