Biggest Loser Blog Edition: My WI #3

Last week’s travels set me back, but I got on track this week.  The weigh in this morning put me right back were I was two weeks ago – so while I’m back were I was, I lost a week, time wise in the BLBE competition.  I’m not discouraged.  To be honest, I’m encouraged greatly!  If you been following my blog, then you know that tomorrow is the start of “A Month to LIVE” – my personal challenge for February to replace TV with reading, sugar drinks with water (actually, I’ll be drinking water only for the whole month), workout everyday (personal goal to burn 500 calories each day), and get 7 to 8 hours sleep each and everyday for the entire month of February.  You can read the details here, and I encourage you to jump in and take the challenge to make February “A Month to LIVE” – feel free to blog about, twitter it, facebook it, etc! Shameless self promotion aside…

Here are the stats:

Starting weight: 288lbs
Last week WI: 289lbs
This week WI: 285lbs

Oh – and take a look at that big bright red “23” baby!  I’m back to 23lbs lost.  Lets try to bump that up to 25lbs lost by next week.  Go Team LEAN…   on a sidenote: the A-Team… wasn’t that show canceled?  “I pity da fool” that tries to take down the might Team LEAN!!!

7 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Blog Edition: My WI #3

  1. awesome man, glad you got back to your previous track. Going on the road can be deadly. glad you are doing well. VERY EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up man.

  2. Hardy har har! 😀

    Great job Dale!!! Congrats on your awesome loss!! You’re back in business!!

    Hey on a side note with the month to live thing – I think it’s a great idea to challenge something that can be a “shock” change for some people with giving up the TV for reading and getting more sleep etc. I love your enthusiasm for it too! People are becoming like zombies in some respects and they need to snap out of it!

    Although I must say, I’ve decided that I’ll only be participating in the sleep one because “not” having or doing things (like watching TV and drinking things other than water) per se because I’m afraid that I will feel like I’m unnecessarily “depriving” myself. Know what I mean? I’ve realized that I actually don’t watch TV anymore hardly at all! I don’t have the time because when I get home from work, I’ve got meal prep, exercise (which I do with the TV I have to say, but not the same thing), and then it’s blog stuff, BLBE stuff and before I know it, it’s meal prep time for the next day. So what I do is record the shows that I like on DVR and then I watch those shows whenever I get the chance to sit down and watch TV, which really ends up being only about 2 hours of TV per week, so I think that is pretty reasonable – sort of still resonates with the same purpose. I do want to work on reading before bed a bit more. I just don’t like the idea of depriving myself of something for a month if I know that I’m already serving the same purpose in my current efforts. And that’s the thing with the water too. I’m a 90% water girl already. I do have a cup of coffee in the morning which I have grown to really enjoy and I occasionally have a splenda diet orange crush, a tea with milk (harmless IMO) and maybe a skim latte once every week and a half or so which counts for a dairy serving. I rarely drink alcohol anymore (last night was my first glass of wine since before xmas), so I feel conflicted slightly with my participation in this challenge in those respects. Know what I mean? Did I make sense there? I guess in other words, I’m 1 for 4?

    So I think what I will do is try to focus on the SLEEP part! That I could certainly improve on. So that will be my thing.

    Oh and I need a little Twitter tutorial! What does it mean when you say RT @ ________?

    1. Angie – thanks for the encouragement! Yeah – not everyone struggles with the same issues that I do regarding this challenge. Some people only watch TV a couple hours a week, ya know? Personally, I am coming to the understanding that I have abused myself in so many more ways than just overeating and I figure there are many others like me in the regard. I’ve said to many of the folks that have jumped in with me on the challenge – find the areas you are mistreating yourself and fix it – at least for this one month. I have only found a few people in my life that said they are getting the right amount of sleep – but several people I talk to have no problem with TV or drinking too much diet soda. So to them I said the same thing I’ll say to you – don’t worry about that part of my challenge – find something else that you would prefer to change about your routine – or just focus on the parts that are an issue for you (like sleep). I hope that makes sense!

      Regarding Twitter – RT means retweet and @_________ is how you tell people who you are RT’ing. So RT @dsackr blah blah blah – would be your way of repeating a tweet of mine so your followers are able to enjoy/benefit my tweet. 😀 Thanks again for jumping in and commenting on the blog!

      1. Aha! gotcha! thanks for the “tweetorial” 😀 (damn geek I am)

        You are completely right about the approach to your challenge. I woke up this morning tired and reminded that I need to get my eyes closed and lights out earlier – even if it’s 1/2 hour!

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