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You already get email about little blue pills, cheap electronics, and work at home jobs, but what if you could get an email that was entertaining, and informational; One that you look forward to reading? And what if that email was more than just an email… one that could help change the life of another human being!  By subscribing to my newsletter, I can guarantee that you will get an entertaining and informational email; and I hope it is one you would look forward to reading… but more than that, by subscribing you become my accountability partner.

Losing 100lbs isn’t going to be easy – I’m going to have to keep myself motivated daily.  I’m going to document my journey along the way with insightful and inspirational articles as well as collect information about diets, online weight loss tools, support groups, and anything else I can find to help me reach my goals.  And knowing that YOU are waiting for my newsletter each week, helps keep me focused!  If you are interested in joining me in my trek – or just want to keep up with how I’m doing – please sign up.

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