wk10.03.11.2012 – 255 lbs

wk10.03.11.2012 – 255 lbs

I was very concerned that I was going to GAIN weight this week. I’ve been weighing in through the week these last few weeks – even through I know I shouldn’t. Not because its against some rule in some program – but because I get discouraged by the daily ups and downs.

Well, this week I saw the scale move up to as high as 262! Several days it was around 258-260. Last night it was 260. So I was very concerned that I was going to gain weight this week. The reason this bothered me so much was that during my training for the marathon, I was losing weight all the way until I wasn’t.

If you have followed my blog then you likely remember, I got down to 263 lbs, then suddenly, I was 273, then 280, then 285 again. Being down into my 250’s is new for me. Losing weight successfully is new to me. Gaining weight is not. So I’m still concerned about my recent fluctuation, but today’s weigh-in gives me courage…

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