Weight Watchers ProPoints?

I can’t say I ever gave Weight Watchers a fair shot at assisting me in losing weight – my best effort was almost four years ago and I don’t think I went to more than 2 or 3 meetings.  I know a lot of people have lost weight on WW but I always felt like going to a meeting and sharing my feelings with strangers just couldn’t help… ironic considering this blog, I know.

Anyway, two years ago when I started this blog, I came across a weight losing weight watcher named AngieAllTheWay.  She lost 130lbs on her own weight loss journey and 100 of those pounds were with the aid of Weight Watchers.  You can’t argue with results like that!

While checking out Angie’s blog (I guess she recently had a baby and has put on a few pounds of baby fat), I stumbled on her latest post pointing out ProPoint, Weight Watchers new points system designed to pay more attention to the type of food you eat than just the amount of calories involved.

I’m still not sure sitting with a bunch of women after a weigh-in would help me – but the new points system sounded pretty cool and I thought this is a good time to point out a pretty good blog at the same time!

If you only have room for one blog in your RSS feed – her’s is most likely way better than the rubbish I publish here, so skip on over to AngieAllTheWay and bookmark it!

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