What every happened to the Biggest Loser Blog Edition?

Calling all weight loss bloggers!!!  When I started this blog a couple of years ago I came across the Biggest Loser Blog Edition (BLBE), a weight loss competition among weight loss bloggers themed around the popular NBC show, the Biggest Loser.

Sadly, I didn’t make it through the full 16 weigh ins.  I did however meet (virtually) a lot of great people, several had already lost significant amounts of weight, while others were still looking to get started.  Several of the links I had to their blogs are dead, the sites are gone, the bloggers off the grid.

I know AngieAllTheWay (as far as I know, the creator of the BLBE) is still going strong since her blog shows that she recently had a child and is thinking of starting back on Weight Watchers with their new ProPoint system.  But what about Just JenHotchPotchery, or A Cake for a Wife?

I don’t remember if I met Ronie through BLBE or not, but she is still blogging away at Ronie’s Weigh – and even has a popular vlog.  It appears that she has also started a weight loss blogging community at Blog to Lose – with over 4000 members currently – WOW!

Recently @GymMama has been encouraging me in my running efforts on twitter – I’m not sure if she has a weight loss effort underway or not, but she does blog about life.

According to the last post on BLBE (May 14, 2009):

This was a long challenge and it was very hard to keep up with, so if and when there is another one, it won’t be until after a much needed break

This is the part where I usually boo and hiss, but I understand how difficult it can be to keep ‘real life’ going and blog – so adding a weight loss blogging competition to the mix must have been difficult.  If BLBE never rises again, I’m still grateful to Angie for hosting it and all the people I met along the way that encouraged me as I got started on this crazy IQA ride!

If you are a weight loss blogger and happened by – even if you have never been a part of the BLBE – I would love to hear from you!  Leave me a comment or send me an email!

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  1. Hello thought I’d leave you a comment. I remember you from BLBE and I think I actually follow you on FB. I actually am kinda in the same boat as Angie. I just had a baby a month ago tomorrow. I do have everyones blogs still saved in my google reader and still read those that update. I’m planning on beginning this healthy life style AGAIN after the holidays. I say after the holidays because I had my little boy via c section which is MAJOR abdominal surgery. So I want to give my body to heal a little more on the inside.

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