What happened to the Fat Guy?


Ok, when I started this blog at the end of last year I was posting a few times a week – some weeks I posted every day – but over the last few weeks (ok, its been over a month) I have slowed down to almost less than once a week.  So what happened to the fat guy at the other end of this website?

Contrary to the name you typed in to get here, I have NOT QUIT.  I admit I’m having trouble with the diet – late night snacking over the last month has really set me back.  But the difference between someone that is failing and someone that has quit is, at least in my opinion, profound.  I’m failing – but I’m not quitting.

Over the last 15 years of my life, I spent 11 or 12 of them gaining weight.  Last year, I lost weight.  I lost almost 20lbs last year.  This year, I lost a few more pounds putting me briefly at a total loss of 23lbs.  But right now, I’ve put a few back on.

I am building muscle but what many people tend to forget is that it takes calories to build muscle – and if I had not increased my diet, my body would have found those calories from the fat wrapped around every part of my body and I would have continued to loose weight.

I am going to the gym three days a week now and I’m taking my son hiking on Thursdays.  I’m trying to add a cardo activity to our normal Saturday routine as a family as well.  My long term goal is to loose 150lbs putting my at my ideal weight for the first time in my life – but that is a long term goal.

If it takes me five years to accomplish that goal, so be it.  I know there is potential here to completely quit under the guise of ‘taking it slow’ – and I admit I’m quilty of crossing that line more than once over the last few weeks – but I’m not quiting.  My focus is on changing the direction of my life.

If I focus on the end goal I get discouraged – its a long road ahead of me and I’ve never done this before.  But if I focus on changing my direction – I can see results now while still keeping the end goal in sight.  Six weeks ago, I wasn’t working out at all – now I’m over five weeks into a three days a week gym habit.  A month ago I drove past these short mountains on my way to work, but now I stop and climb to the top before I go to work.  And I’m taking my five year old son along for the hike because I don’t want my children to learn how to be fat from me, I want  them to learn how to be fit.

So what about the blog slow down?  Other than the weight gains which are enough to discourage me from writing all by themselves – I’ve been in overdrive at work lately, my website business has been busier than ever, and my schooling has started to became a fore-ground priority.  In short, I’m too busy!  But I honestly feel that quitting this blog is the same thing as quiting my diet and abandoning my plans to live a healthier life.  So I will continue to plug away and I hope publish something worth reading in the process!

It was a comment from a blog reader like you that provoked me to write this post – you guys do make a difference!  Please, feel free to comment on my blog, follow me on facebook and twitter, and send me an email everyonce and a while!

6 thoughts on “What happened to the Fat Guy?

  1. The only way u will ever truly fail is if you quit. Setbacks don’t equal failure, just roadblocks to get around.

    Building muscle will help burn the fat….

    Glad your biz is growing successfully. Keep your education a priority….everthing will work out!

  2. I was thinking maybe the answer was he was gone, because he was thin now. You’ll get their. Have a good plan and work the plan. Good to see you post again.

  3. I’m glad to you are back. I can see you are upbeat and optomistic with realistic goals .You are definitely setting a good example for your kids. In today’s economy….I’m glad to see your business is thriving. Good things happen to good people. Wishing you the best!!

  4. **hugz** to you! keep going Dale! you can do it!

    I got a wii fit now so I have an actual visual to track my ups and downs. however I don’t like that damn fat mii!

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