Will a healthy smile help me lose weight?

You have heard the phase “putting the cart before the horse”, right?

I’m not sure the link between how you feel about yourself and how much you weight is that simple.  When you feel like a slob, you treat yourself that way. You dress poorly, do you hair poorly, eat poorly, ect.

Included in that list, at least for me, is taking care of my teeth. Don’t get me wrong, I brush and even floss. But going to the dentist just hasn’t been on my list.  Today I’m at the dentist. I have several issue, none of which are causing me pain.

I’ve never been happy with my smile, but never did anything about it for a lot of reasons, including money. But being here in the dentist chair (yes, I’m in the chair as I write this) makes me think about why I haven’t fixed my teeth… Why I haven’t fixed my smile.

Similarly, I’ve often said if I were thinner, I would be able to dress better.  But what if I have it backwards? Would I be thinner if I dressed better?

Would a healthy smile, a better wardrobe, a better self image, make me more likely to stay with a diet, more likely to stick with an exercise program, etc?

I think it could… What do you think?

One thought on “Will a healthy smile help me lose weight?

  1. My thoughts are the smile doesn’t produce the weight loss the weight loss produces the smile. I have heard people say “I can’t lose weight I just updated my all my clothes.”

    The real question I think is to identify the issues that lead to the overeating and so forth. Would a crack addict not be a crack addict if he stopped stealing, fixed his teeth or sleept in a manison instead of a crack house. Nope.

    The crack addict as well as the over-eater has deal with the issues that makes them over eat.

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