You have finished the marathon, so What Now?

Another marathon? A triathalon? A million options are ahead but all I can think about is how do I NOT QUIT. How easy would it be for me to NEVER RUN AGAIN?

My goal is weightloss – running was helping me accomplish that goal. For me, the marathon was a means to an end, but this Tuesday morning just a few days after that 26.2 mile race and I can’t say I don’t fear that it’s potential to be The End. I’ve been actively thinking about those two words in the title – What Now?

I still don’t have a clear answer, but while I was considering how to find wisdom in this I thought about one definition I’ve heard for Wisdom – the ability to apply experiences to knowledge in order to discern the best course of action. My experiences in running have at least two chapters; the first attempt at running using technology (Nike Plus) alone, FAILURE, and the second attempt at running using technology (iMapMyRide, Nike Plus, Garmin) AND races (5ks, 10ks, and eventually half marathons and finally the full marathon), SUCCESS kinda.

I have lost weight – remember this is the goal. But over the last month I have gained weight. What changed? My eating habits for certain. But also my running habits. I stopped running races because they are hard to find in the Phoenix heat and I had long runs on the weekends for the marathon anyway. One of my original running goals was to run 2 races a month. I haven’t been able to keep that pace but I spent last night looking for several races over the next few months and I believe I found a few I can participate in.

I also found a couple of duathlons (events with more than one activity – in this case, swimming and running). I think the cross training needed to complete those events would be good for me – IF I can fit that into my schedule.

Beyond that – I just don’t know. I have a few more ideas however. I want to get into the gym and lift weights again. And I still struggle with my personal demon; Overeating. I struggle everyday with that guy.

Last thought – my son asked me yesterday what it was called when you jump out of an airplane with a parachute. I told him it was called Sky Diving. He’s reply, “that’s what I thought, except I thought it was plane diving, not sky… I want to do that with you, Daddy!” My wife immediately responds with “NO!” but its been a goal of mine for a while – I don’t know if I can take him at his age or not, but I want to be able to take him soon.

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